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I am proud to present to you my first 40 minute training video + 10 minute contouring video that shows all the required details on how to do a full spray tan. This video entails: what accessories you need  at hand for you to spray a client, specific details on how to customize your spray tan for every skin type, specific details on how to master your stroke techniques with your spray gun, how to have a flawless application on feet and hands and everything in between, how to create shadows, spray tan slimming techniques, and many more! If you do not have the e-book already, the e-book is a master companion for this video as it further emphasizes all the information about when and how to work different solutions, different skin types, spray tan accessories, added info on skincare and skin types, social media, with clickable links for everything you need and my take around this lucrative business after doing it for 20+ years. It is very beneficial to have this video along with the e-book because it provides much needed video demonstrations on how to perfect the spray tan. Fabiola has been spraying since 2000 and this is her master creation showing her what she does best. She is known for spraying big names like the Kardashians, Jeniffer Lopez, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Cardi B and many more.

The contouring training video ,made to be used with any HVLP gun, will give you the tools needed on how to use your gun with precision to do lines on the body to create a more toned one. This video has emphasis on the abs, clavicles, biceps, thighs, back, booty definition and much more. Get ready to use your HVLP gun, fill it up with water, and start practicing your contouring lines alongside this video. At the end of this video we will show it how it is done in a real body. Have in mind that these lines are subtle, they will not be very predominant on their body after they take a shower.

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