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Sobe Tan Pure DHA drops are now available. Here are two ways we recommend how to use them:

Firstly, you can customize your professional spray tans for your clients to make them darker by applying 10 drops to your gun bottle to level up your darkness by increasing the DHA percentage by 1 percent.

Be aware that the added 1% in DHA develops a considerably darker tan; always proceed with caution when adding DHA drops even after talking with client about their DHA add-on. When she comes back next time, discuss how the tan went and if she wants to go even darker you can add another 10 drops making it 20 drops in total to make their tan even darker by increasing the DHA concentration by a total of 2 percent.

Secondly, you can sell these drops to your clients as an extender for their tan. They can add these drops to their existing skin care regimen to add a little glow to their skin. They can do this every day until they achieve their desired color.

Our DHA is Vegan and 100% plant-based, derived from sources such as sugar beets and sugarcane. It works with the skin's pH to provide a safe, natural-looking tan.

NOTE: Mix drops and use instantly, don't mix in bottled lotion and leave for future use. Mix in lotion and use the same day.

How To Apply

  • We recommend 4 drops as an add-on for your face cream, mix the usual amount of face cream you typically use with four drops of the Get Darker DHA Drops in your hand. Mix thoroughly and apply all over your face making sure you blend along your hair line.
  • Tip: Apply more around the frames of the face than in the middle of the face like between the brows, nose & around the mouth (upper lip & chin). Whatever you have left in your hands apply in the neck if desired.
  • Get the amount of body cream you usually use for your body and place it in a small container. Add 10 drops of Get Darker DHA Drops, mix thoroughly with a spatula or mixing device of your choice and apply all over the body with circular massage movements; making sure you are even and applying it all over. Do not forget to go lightly under the arms, groin area and go very lightly on the feet. Don't forget your back!

No need to wear gloves for this application, just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap after face or body application.


If you are looking to purchase larger quantities at wholesale pricing, please email us at to discuss a lower rate that fits your needs. Please include your social media handles, including Instagram, and specify the amount you wish to purchase to get a quote.

Sale price$20.00 Regular price$24.00
Get Darker Tanning Drops
Get Darker Tanning Drops Sale price$20.00 Regular price$24.00